Angel Deradoorian, who provides one of the angelic voices in Dirty Projectors, is releasing a solo EP on Tuesday and to celebrate, she’s having a CD release party/show at The Cake Shop that night around 11.

The “Mind Raft” EP is “5 gothed out psych tracks for you to do drugs to,” says Angel on her MySpace blog. Alright!!! No but seriously, the songs are really spooky, and her vocals are great. Check it out.

She only has one other date scheduled, May 10 at the Bell House. That show has a great line-up: Chairlift and Takka Takka included.

The DP’s new album is out soon and she’ll probably be on the road with that for awhile. What a great show it would be if Angel and her drug music opened for Dave Longstreth and his drug/brainy music….Hmmmmm.

Here’s the link to some pics of the DP’s in Manchester. Thanks to Drowned in Sound for posting.