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By Andy

In addition to having one of the best mustaches in the music biz (sorry Freddie Mercury), Lee Hazelwood was also responsible for one of the weirdest and best psychedelic pop songs of the 60s. “Some Velvet Morning” was Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra at their best: crooning lyrics, soaring strings, ominous, dark alley bass.

The song is about….well, I dunno really know what the fuck it’s about. Acid probably. Or Kent State. Or, um, women’s lib? At least Sinatra’s part seems like a nice slice of LSD pie, dripping with liquid flowers and candy colored sunshine. Lee’s part is more dreadful, more like junkie promises and hostile sexuality. “Some velvet morning when I’m straight, I’m gonna open up your gate, and maybe tell you about Phaedra.” Who’s this Phaedra bitch? And how’d she give you light, Lee? A light of your smoke? Or the light of reason?

(The Inter-net tells me Phaedra is some ancient Greek hottie who was all tied up in some snooze-fest of a story about rape, suicide, murder and Aphrodite. Booo-ring.)

Most interesting thing about this song, though, is how many shit bands covered it over the years in their feeble grasps at relevance. Everyone from Vanilla Fudge to Lydia Lunch (actually, old Lydia’s version was pretty kickass, full of fuck-off sneering) to Primal Scream. Even some British doom metal band, My Dying Bride, gave it a shot.

Hazelwood, who died in ’07, has a granddaughter named Phaedra Dawn. Draw your own conclusions. Nancy Sinatra, however, is still alive and not returning my phone calls.

Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning

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Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning