(SOOOO 90s)

I can’t really say what it is about the Lemonheads that gets me off. Maybe it’s Evan Dando‘s voice: sweeter than a flower’s nectar. Maybe it’s the drug-influenced lyrics he spouts out. Or maybe it’s all the crazy experiences i’ve had while listening to the Lemonheads. Whatever it is, i’m obsessed. The songs are perfect poppies.

“Rudderless” has an addictive beat, and a chorus that plays into addiction perfectly.

“A ship without a rudders like a ship without a rudders like a ship without a rudder!”

So what does that mean exactly? That the ship, or the man, or the subject in question is without direction? Uncontrollable? COOL!

This version is from a live radio broadcast, recorded in 1994 at Grant Park in Chicago. (Where Barack Obama gave his victory speech). Whole set available here.

The Lemonheads have a new album coming out on June 23 called “Varshons.”


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The Lemonheads: Rudderless

Click on the above link.

The Lemonheads: Rudderless