Bruce Springsteen means many things to many people. For me, when I hear his voice, I think of camraderous drunken college evenings. Hollering at the top of my lungs, dancing on couches and beds, falling down in ecstasy. For others, The Boss embodies the dream: he’s an example of what can happen if you try real hard. He’s inspiring.

“Some folks are born into a good life. Other folks get it anyway, anyhow. I lost my money and I lost my wife. Them things don’t seem to matter much to me now.”

The Boss puts the hardships of life into perspective. That’s his best quality.

“Darkness on the Edge of Town” starts with a simple piano line and a cymbal cling. And after a verse, the song breaks out and turns into a more riotous, rollicking tune. And then back to simplicity for the next verse. In typical Springsteen fashion, the song goes from high to low, up and down…. Just like life.

Check this oooolllllldddd video, it’s amazing. Even the sound is good. Look at his face! The FEELING! Imagine if you were there!!!!!

Bruce Springsteen: Darkness on the Edge of Town

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Bruce Springsteen: Darkness on the Edge of Town