Photo by Jim McKnight

Photo by Jim McKnight

I don’t know about the rest of you but i’ve wanted to go to Levon Helm‘s barn, on his property, in WOODSTOCK, for a Midnight Ramble for many years now. But the cost always deterred me. $150 bucks?! Damn!! You do get to be in an intimate setting for the performance, however, and you do get to see Levon Helm, who is as awesome as ever, even after surviving throat cancer. And to top it all off there’s a hippie style potluck before the show. Amazing.

Helm is a good guy- and we’re in a recession. So, for the month of May, if you buy three tickets they are $100 instead of $150. It’s a good deal, if you’ve got the bills. I wish I did!

If Rick Danko was alive and doing the ramble, I’d leave New York City, live in a tent down the road, and spend all the money I ever made on tickets. Every week, if possible.

Helm is also set to release his follow-up to 2007’s widely acclaimed “Dirt Farmer” on June 30. “Electric Dirt” is also produced by Larry Campbell and was recorded in “The Barn” on Helm’s property. If “Electric” is as good as “Farmer” we are all in for a delicious treat.

Of all the members of The Band, I have to say it makes sense that Levon is the one still making it. He had a huge presence in The Band, and was known for his totally awesome drumming while singing (a difficult job), but he was never really the star that Robbie Robertson was, or the heartthrob that Rick Danko was.

Here’s Levon explaining the Ramble in a clip from The Last Waltz:

And here’s a video of one of my all-time favorite songs EVER. Done best by The Band, sung by Levon, written by Bob Dylan. Thanks to the youtuber who put together this collage, I dig it. And here’s a link to a live version, The Band’s a little older, but they’re still great.

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