This Television tune is a college song if i ever heard one. I always feel high when listening to it. The beautiful and romantic beginning, the bass line and then the perfect lyrics…

“Do I, Do I. Belong to the night? Only, only. Only, tonight.”

And then later:

“But tell me how do I say? I woke up and it’s yesterday. Do I again face this night?”

Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd defined their own brand of punk largely by the intricate, dueling guitar thing they had going on. This song is no different. Robert Christgau once called Television the Grateful Dead of punk, which is an idea I both agree with and enjoy immensely. I wish I was the Grateful Dead of something…..

The guitar solo that erupts halfway through the song like a volcano or a hit of acid coming on is so insane. It’s prefect. The high pitched first note is not too high. The groove not too groovy. (Just like the Dead).

By the way, if Television formed today their name would be Internet and they would sound like a computer, not the beautiful fuzz that you hear here.

Television: Guiding Light

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Television: Guiding Light