The FADER calls this type of music “new teenager,” which is funny but I don’t know why. Usually teenagers are thought of as lame, and i’m pretty sure FADER was using the description as a compliment, so that’s cool.

Victimless Crime” is the song’s title and the band’s name is Restless People. I can’t help but conveniently map out a scenario in my mind about how bored the restless people are and so they commit a crime- an act of vandalism perhaps- something that ends with, you guessed it, no victims. Just dance beats and a shaking, electronic maraca? Sorry- in the morning my mind takes words and runs.

The music is fun and catchy and since it’s about to be 80+ degrees in NYC i’d say this is what you call a perfectly timed release. If I had the means, i’d strap the track (not through a boombox, this is an internet-only release) to my bike and blast it while I sweat going uphill on Vanderbilt Ave.

Tanlines and Professor Murder came together on this joint.


Tanlines are playing a bunch in NYC:

Apr 23 – 10:00PM – GLASSLANDS – w/ SUCKERS

Apr 25 – 8:00PM – Bruar Falls w/ Lemonade + CLAWS + Bronze

May 8 – 10:00PM – FIXED @ STUDIO B w/ OPTIMO

May 16 – 8:00PM – Gowanus Studio Space – Triple Canopy Anniversary Party


And here’s their new video…..funny.