This is a pretty masogynistic song but the music is so great. Just ignore the undertones….

I’ve loved Bo Diddley, who wrote and sings this song, since I was a young-un- my dad would play the record on the weekends. Like many traditional songs, it’s been covered by countless others most notably, the Rolling Stones.

The doo-wop doo dooo dooo dooo dooo’s at the beginning, the bluesy and tinny guitar, and of course the tambourine shake ,make this a real hip shaker. The song has an old-timey nostalgic feel to it too, one that is so strong and laden with emotion that it’s easy to ignore the lyrics:

“I caught you woman a long time ago

Keep your hand out my pocket keep your foot out my door,

That wrong with you, yeah yeah, you’re crackin’ up”

Bo Diddley: Crackin’ Up

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Bo Diddley: Crackin’ Up