You’ll likely never forget the first time you hear The Band, or see the Scorsese film version of the concert “The Last Waltz.” That’s because The Band’s music evokes comfort and closeness. They sound like anything you want and everything you want. The Band, in keeping with their simple name, are a blank canvas of sorts- they can take on whatever genre or feeling you throw at them. Sometimes the music of The Band is honky-tonk, sometimes it’s blues (oh, i got the blues) and other times it’s straight rock ‘n’ roll. It depends on who you are and what mood you’re in. The one constant is the pure pleasure the songs exude. Every song is dripping with raw emotion.

“It Makes No Difference” could be the best fist-shaking song of all time. When Rick Danko sings, with the pained yearning that he seems to always feel, it’s virtually impossible to not feel as he does.

“Well, I love you so much
And it’s all I can do
Just to keep myself from telling you
That I never felt so alone before”

Check the video…unbelievable.

Danko has an authenticity about him that is unparelleled. He is the real thing. A real man, a real person, a real star, a real upper and a real downer. He’s everything.

The Band: It Makes No Difference

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The Band: It Makes No Difference