Outside Other Music. Foto by David Chiu.

Outside Other Music. Foto by David Chiu.

Coachella be damned, New York City was the place to be on Saturday. Not only was it 75 degrees and sunny with a breeze, but it was also Record Store Day, an excuse to buy albums even though you know your wallet isn’t really full enough to allow it. I was a little late in my arrival at Sound Fix in Williamsburg, which sucked because I missed the Sonic Youth/Beck split. I had a delicious breakfast at Bonita, sitting in the sun with a Sangria prior to Sound Fix though, which was worth it.

Anyway-there were still some limited releases available: Camera Obscura, Grizzly Bear (which surprised me) and a few others. I passed on those and instead got the Wavves LP, and 2 45s: Cyndi Lauper “She Bop” and Soft Cell’s “Mutant Moments,” which according to Wikipedia is super rare! It was only 99 cents…..

UPDATE: I was wrong about the Soft Cell EP. I actually got “Loving You, Hating Me,” which is totally not super rare. Oh well…..

Now I just need to get new speakers. My old ones were blown at my birthday house party…..Damn.

Maybe it’s because I showed up at 12:30 instead of 11 when Sound Fix opened but there was no rush, no crazed customers waiting in line outside. That was not the case at Other Music, see foto above. Either way- a fun holiday.