One of my favorite bands of all time is The Blake Babies. The threesome out of late 80s Boston crafted the most perfect pop songs with equal parts sweet and sour. John P. Strohm‘s guitar playing was upbeat and light but his licks were reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. Freda Love’s beats were simple and straight. And Juliana Hatfield played the bass more like a rhythm guitar and wailed and screamed like a cat stuck in a tree.

“Better ‘n’ You” is from the Babies first album, “Nicely, Nicely.” They recorded it again later and released it on the album “Earwig.” This version is rougher and less produced. I like them both.

Check out the Blake’s in a 1989 performance playing the awesome “Star”:

The Blake Babies: Better ‘n’ You

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The Blake Babies: Better ‘n’ You