Magik Markers are from Hartford, Conn. originally. Hartford is not the most inspiring or culturally rich city but still these guys seemed to make it work. Actually, they more than made it work. Magik Markers make some of the craziest sounds…

Over the years the band’s sound has evolved. Originally a three-piece noise trio and now a duo, the Markers are still mostly noise and powerful drumming. But there’s more ambiance, dark moods and melody in their tunes these days. I first saw the band in Boston on Halloween, ’05, and guitarist Elisa Ambrogio spent most of the set writhing around the stage, eliciting harsh sounds from her guitar. I’m not sure if she still does that live, I hope so!

2007’s “Boss,” produced by Sonic Youth’s Lee Renaldo and put out by Ecstatic Peace!, which is run by Thurston Moore, is a very serious and interesting album. Each song is different in tone than the last, showcasing the Markers’ flexibility. One song stands out though- “Empty Bottles.” It features Elisa singing with a clear voice and a slight echo affect, and a simple piano line (with distortion!) supporting her. It’s real pretty.

Check the video for a track off that album, “Taste.”

The band have a new album out on Drag City on May 5, “Balf Quarry.”



9 New York, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg
10 DC Velvet Lounge
11 Carborro, NC Local 506
12 Asheville, SC Grey Eagle
13 Athens, GA Tasty World
14 Birmingham, AL Bottletree

All shows above with GHOST

28-30 Barcelona, Spain Primavera Festival


26 Ithaca, NY Lost Dog Lounge
27 Tornoto, Canada The Music Gallery Courtyard
28 Montreal, Canada Casa Del Popolo

Two distinctly different MM tracks:

Magik Markers: Bad Dream/Hartford’s Beat Suite

Magik Markers: Axis Mundi

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Magik Markers: Bad Dream/Hartford’s Beat Suite

Magik Markers: Axis Mundi