The best thing I noticed about the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s when I saw them open for Sonic Youth at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, Mass. in 2003 was the raw and dirty sounding guitar that Nick Zinner played, looking almost bashful in the shadow of Karen O. I read that on the band’s new album, O asked Zinner to do less guitar-work, thus resulting in the disco dance beats that fill “It’s Blitz,” the band’s new album. That, to me, is really too bad. As I said before, Karen’s theatrics and silly costumes played a hardly close third to Zinner’s guitar and Brian Chase’s drumming. And remember this? Sonic Youth played at this show at McCarren Park too- but this time they opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.


That said, there were many a drunken night at the Red Room in Santa Cruz when I sang along loudly to “Maps” in the Summer of 2004.

Who’s up for the secret (secret no more) show at Santos?