Lily Allen…. Allen plays games with her followers on Twitter, which is actually kind of genius because her fans are the exact types to get all worked about scavenger hunts. Allen has been leaving tickets in the cities she stops in on her tour, and then through Twitter, gives clues to where they are.

Edward Droste… kind of a cute/twee Twitter. Droste is really sincere in his tweets, it’s impossible not to sigh or smile when reading them. He even includes emoticons, which are so annoying, but not for him. “so little time in these amazing european cities in SPRINGTIME! Interviews all day but all I want to do is smell the flowers in paris :)”

MC Hammer Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em! The guys got a loooottta love, evidenced by his tweets: “There is power in GOOD!”


Collective Soul… Collective Soul are trying to come back. Their twitter is one of the comeback band twitters. “add me to your facebook friends…,” reads a recent tweet….You gotta wonder what it’s like for these 90s bands trying to stage a comeback. Collective Soul had a couple of awesome songs. But they are largely considered a one-hit wonder type of band. I wonder how they feel trying to stage a comeback at a time when not only is that super hard, but it’s even harder to sell ANYTHING.

Dinosaur Jr. ….. When I heard about this I was like, “Yeah, right.” And I was correct in my feelings of doubt. There is one tweet, announcing the release date of the upcoming album. This is a label/mgmt page, for sure.

Donnie Wahlberg (ddub)…. This is a great one, if you’re into the kind of geeky throw-back band that is NKOTB. I mean, with tweets like “THIS IS FUN!!!” how can you not love the guy? And he’s Marky Mark Wahlberg’s bro. And I LOVE Mark Wahlberg. (I ❤ Huckabees?! Anyone??)


What other musician tweets are worth following??