No two voices go together better than those of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. How those two came together can be called a miracle, if you believe in miracles. They inspired each other. Neither wrote songs for just themselves; they wrote songs hearing duets in their heads.

“A Song for You” is so tender. The lyrics and the simple slide guitar are swoon inducing, heart ache and gut wrench inducing.

“Take me down to your dance floor. I won’t mind the people when they stare.”

The song tells the story of a certain wanderlust or displacement, maybe. The protagonist notes the hardships of those around him and then himself leaves- but not without telling his love about his passion.

“I’ve loved you everyday. But now i’m leaving.”

It takes the strongest person, or the biggest coward, to stick around.

This video is from the intro to the Gram Parsons movie “Fallen Angel.”

Gram Parsons: A Song For You

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Gram Parsons: A Song For You