Oh, damn. This is like a dream come true. I have yet to hear an album that sounds as good/warm/fuzzy/crazy as “Return of the Rentals.” Please let this be it…. (Anyone get my riff there?? “Please let that be you” is an old Rentals tune. Sigh….)

You can stream the 4 songs over at

The songs are awesome…..

The band is experimenting with being more than a band. According to their website they launched a “film, music and photography project titled, “Songs About Time.” It’s actually an interesting foray into the reality that digital downloads are the basically the only way to get your music heard. The band is releasing Chapter One “The Story of a Thousand Seasons Past” digitally, for $6. You can purchase a limited edition version, with lots of good extra’s, including L.P.’s.With the digital download you get:

  • The Premium Digital Mini Album includes:
  • All 4 tracks available for immediate download
  • 100% DRM free, high quality FLAC and 320kbps MP3 audio files
  • a 35 page PDF booklet and wallpapers
  • The exclusive music video “A Thousand Seasons Past” in mp4 format
  • The files will arrive as a zip archive