I was driving away from New York City one rainy Sunday about a month ago. It was cold, foggy and there was a ton of traffic. I was depressed. I was impatient. I turned on the radio.

It was a low station on the FM dial, maybe 88.3, which is Long Island University. There was a music program on and the hosts were discussing, dissecting and playing Van Morrison‘s “Astral Weeks.” They knew what they were talking about and were so thoughtful in their analysis. My personal favorite song off the album is “Sweet Thing.”

The song is orchestral and soothing. Van’s voice goes perfectly with the strumming acoustic guitar and chimes in the intro. And then the strings come in and light cymbals hit with brushes lightly dance under the surface. He sings about gardens misty wet with rain, which is what the song feels like: relief.

Van the Man!

Van Morrison: Sweet Thing

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Van Morrison: Sweet Thing