I know there are a lot of people who never watched “My So-Called Life” and even more people who didn’t like it. Who the hell are you, anyway?? Just kidding. The best show on television from 1994 also featured some of the best songs of the day. They even had Juliana Hatfield on the show (she played a homeless angel who played guitar). AWESOME.

The best part of the show, of course, was the hotness that is Jordan Catalano. And who doesn’t remember the scene where Angela, Rayanne and Rickie go to the Frozen Embryos band practice and Jordan plays his new song, “Red.” Rickie tells Angela it’s about her, duh, cos she has red hair. It turns out to be about his red convertible. SIGH.

As for the song, typical 90s sensitive man with an acoustic….

“I call her red. Yeah yeah yeah.”

Jordan Catalano: Red

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Jordan Catalano: Red