Mishkanyc has the second installment from Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker- Radio Friendly Unit Shifter ’09. Following up the first mix they made, the duo are back with version 2, streaming here (download link below). I love the 90s so most of these songs, especially PJ Harvey’s amazing “Down By The Water,” to me are just amazing. And it’s not just because nostalgia is like a medicinal bath. My only complaint is that this is a mix, so the songs are mixed together. They do a good job, but sometimes you just want to hear the full song. You know?

The mix also includes little snippets of dialogue interspersed with the songs….90210 and Reality Bites anyone?

The first song is “Sucked Out” by Superdrag….you’ve gotta remember that one. “Who sucked out the feeeeeelaaaaang!” Superdrag play Thursday night at the Bowery Ballroom and Friday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Think they’ll play it?? My money is on “Yes, definitely.”

Download: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter ’09