text and video by (Andy)

Santos Party House was awash in neon and a black light glow Saturday night. The boys from Fauna, two oddly be-coiffed cumbia impresarios from Buenos Aires, had command of the stage, while their masked DJ, El G, held down the, um, trackpad behind them. Stalking the stage, Fauna gave voice to the rhythm heavy, south-of-the-border cumbia sounds blasting from the speakers.

Their growl-rapping style may have seemed slightly silly, and their blindingly neon shirts may have seemed even sillier, but the group, known collectively as Zizek, (no relation to the sociologist and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek) held their own. South American expats danced to familiar beats and snapped dozens of photos, while white hipsters filled out the rest of the crowd with their own enthusiasm.

Openers Tanlines are friends of mine, so I don’t feel comfortable reporting on them. Besides, I didn’t get to the club until after they finished, so I’ll let Georgia fill in the rest.

I missed most of Tanlines too, unfortunately. But what I did see was a duo playing the best of the old (guitar) and new (laptop) school instruments. The duo throw Latin influenced dance music at you with full force. This video pretty much explains Tanlines to a T. -gk