I’m not a huge Beach Boys fan but I love the mystical feel to this song. I mean, a flute solo? It’s hard to beat that.

“Feel Flows” is from 1971’s “Surf’s Up” and I read that the vocals were recorded using reverse echo. I’m not a technical expert so I can’t really explain that too well. What I do know is that the vocals sound really great- soft and warm around the edges. It adds to the overall mystical feeling.

There are three distinct sections in this song. First, the keyboards and shuffling drums and lyrics that are so trippy they’re hard to make sense of. That’s ok. “Light the way gladly.” “Neverending tablets of time record all the yearning.”

The next section features the aforementioned flute solo. This is the part of the song where the “Feel Flows” take over. An electric guitar line guides the way, while the flute flutters.

Next is the breakdown, the section of the song where you come into the light. The flute finishes, the guitar disappears, and it’s just the keys- synthesized.

Back to the verses, and the shuffling drums. This song is a trip, so to speak.

The Beach Boys: Feel Flows

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The Beach Boys: Feel Flows