It’s only streaming…..but Dylan has given “Feel A Change Comin’ On” to the folks over at Pop Vox, Newsweek’s culture blog. Check it out here.

The song has a grand feeling to it. A harmonica and a tinny sounding front-of-the-mix guitar start the song out and soon Bob is singing about having things in common and feeling change come on.

“I just can’t wait for us to be come friends,” he sings.

Wow, is it just me or is this pretty positive and sentimental of Bob??

Pop Vox also has the newest installment of an interview Dylan sat for with Bill Flanagan. He speaks about Barack Obama and mysticism, among other topics.

BONUS: Ten “most incomprehensible” Dylan interviews, courtesy of New York Magazine.

UPDATE: Most of the interviews from the NYMag feature have been removed.