The story of Tom’s Diner is insane. The first version that Suzanne Vega wrote and recorded in 1982 was a stripped-down and largely acoustic version, not the dance beat fueled one we are all familiar with from 1990. Vega wrote a guest column for The New York Times Measure for Measure blog where she describes in detail the story of Tom’s Diner. Her original version was re-mixed by DNA, from England  (not the No Wave band) and later released by Vega. In the column she also mentions an article calling her the mother of the Mp3.

I guess I really love songs that play a perfect role in certain scenes of movies. One of my favorite movies is “Untamed Heart” and it opens with this song as a soundtrack to Carolyn (Marisa Tomei) getting ready for a date. It’s perfection and here’s the clip.

The song is repetitive and groovy and tells a simple story of a girl at a diner. It can’t get more uncomplicated, which is good because that’s just how the music is: uncluttered and clean.

Suzanne Vega: Tom’s Diner

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Suzanne Vega: Tom’s Diner