I hope I can find a cinema, it won’t be in Brooklyn, where i’m not surrounded by these people jizzing their pants for Spike Jones and Arcade Fire. I may have to wait for it to come out on video, er- Netflix.

That said, the trailer does catch me in a weird “i’m lost in a dream” kind of way. But I don’t like being taken for the proverbial ride and seduced by strumming indie guitars that are supposed to make me feel something. You?

On another note, props to Pitchfork for this “available for one week only” feature. It’s all about the hype and about making people think they’re in on something. And what better way to make someone feel special than to give them something and then take it away before all their friends can see it too. I know I just looove being the only person in on the big secret that is Arcade Fire. HA.