The FADER, randomly, has a track from the new Tara Jane O’Neil album “A Way’s Away” on their site. While O’Neil doesn’t really fit with the rest of the output from FADER that’s no matter really. What matters is that you can download the track if you like it, which is cool.

FADER’s description of O’Neil and Portland is kinda funny but I can’t help but think it takes away from the devastating sincerity in this song.

“Drowning,” is pretty breathtaking. It’s hard to get into but once you’re past the halfway mark the song explodes with lush and warm production.  There’s a yearning in the simple guitar work here. I’m not sure what she’s yearning for, in the picture she’s got a cute beagle type dog on her lap and a precious looking kid sitting next to her, but she makes you believe in and yearn for it as well. Maybe it’s just the Friday rain outside my window that’s making me feel this, but I doubt it.