Robert F. Kennedy

“What we need in the United State is not hatred. What we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness but is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another.”

RFK is the man of the Century. He’s a true liberal, and in the classiest of ways moved from having a somewhat conservative slant, he worked for McCarthy during the infamous trials, to being the candidate for the poor, for minorities, the disenchanted and the rebellious youth of the 60s. If RFK hadn’t been shot, our country would be a COMPLETELY different place today. And maybe, just maybe, people who are different would be more accepted. Maybe what happened today would be more of a surprise?

Watch this video of RFK the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, which incidentally is tomorrow, April 4. His words placated the crowd of mostly African-Americans and while there were riots all over the country that night, there were reportedly few in Indianapolis.

Patti Smith


A poet like Bob Dylan, unafraid of stirring the pot, unafraid of being what was unexpected, that is Patti Smith. And this quote of hers has always comforted me.

“I am shrouded in the lives of my heroes.”

BONUS: A review of “Dream of Life,” the film about Patti Smith.


William Hurt as Nick Carlton in “The Big Chill” (available currently for instant play on Netflix, I highly recommend it)

Nick is the street-smart yet emotional member of the group of college friends. While the others went on to become a lawyer, a TV star, a journalist at PEOPLE magazine and a doctor, among other professions, Nick never really became successful. Nick is drug dealing, taking drugs and driving a Porsche. His character is the most complex in the film, and also the most sympathetic. He seems to be the one who never “sold out.” While his friends complain about feeling guilty in their respective lines of work, (these are Baby Boomers and ex-60s radicals here), Nick doesn’t have those concerns. A great man in an even better film.