Neil Young is arguably one of the best songwriters of the last 45 years. Although his recent work hasn’t been quite up to par with his early stuff, he has never stopped writing songs and making music and standing up for what he believes in. For that, we should commend him. The thing with Neil Young that is baffling though, is that he always seems to be changing his moral values. Remember after 9/11 he was all pro-America’d out. It was kind of ridiculous. And then he smartened up a bit and realized that America’s foreign policy was wack and proceeded to write the epic “Living With War.” He’s just completed a new project inspired by a Lincoln hybrid-car engine. The album is called “Fork in the Road” and is out on April 7.

BUT, now here’s the kicker: Neil Young, anti-authority, Lynryd Skynrd protesting, environment-loving Neil Young, is debuting the album on MySpace Music. You can stream the album starting today. No downloads.

Now, I understand why some new bands would love to make deals with marketers, MySpace, etc. But Neil Young? He doesn’t need to do this….