Being from Connecticut, when I first heard the buzz about some band from New London I was tickled. Of course, there are some bands from New London that are great. The Quiet Life, for example. But the noise surrounding the Condo Fucks is LOUD.


The band just released a live rehearsal album called “Fuckbook.” Lovely. The music is pure and simple garage with a country-rock age.

Turns out the Condo Fucks are actually Yo La Tengo playing a bunch of covers under a mysterious moniker. What kind of bizarre move is this? An interview in the Hartford Courant by the great Chris Arnott sheds some light. (I’m pretty sure I took that photo on his page when I was a reporter at The New Haven Independent, what no credit?!)

Without the background though, I think the music of The Condo Fucks would pass under the radar. What do you think? Stream a couple of songs over at Aquarium Drunkard.