There are always lines that are hard to cross. A line was in the sand for me today as I read MAGNET’s Elliott Smith feature on the 5 most over and underrated tracks by the late, great Smith. Is it too soon to cross the line and begin talking about songs of Smith’s that are overrated?? Maybe. Maybe not.


4 of the 5 songs the writer Corey duBrowa chose as overrated are the more mainstream sounding of Smith’s songs. duBrowa basically says the songs lack as a result of their over-production and is careful not to say the songs themselves are no good, which makes it abundantly clear that duBrowa probably felt similarly about dissecting the Smith catalog.

I still listen to Elliott Smith constantly and find new things that I love about his songs. This feature was a reminder of some songs i’ve forgotten and also of the lasting nature of Elliott Smith and his music. More than 5 years have past since his death and he is still the subject of countless magazine features, blog posts and endless conversations.

You can stream the songs over at MAGNET but for your enjoyment here are a couple of my favorite Elliott Smith songs.

Condor Ave. from “Roman Candle”

Bled White from “XO”

Georgia, Georgia from “New Moon”

Click the above links.

Elliott Smith- Bled White

Elliott Smith- Condor Ave.

Elliott Smith- Georgia, Georgia