Isn’t the fake Buscemi better at tweeting than you could ever hope the real Buscemi to be? I mean, come on. His tweets are about having sex with Martha Stewart, getting drunk and eating, among other things, and yet, they’re poetic in some way. Mad props to the faker.

Jere Hester, (disclosure: we worked together when i was a CUNY Journ grad student), discusses the fake twitterers in a story today. While he makes a good point that with social networking comes some deception, Twitter is more for fun than for newsmaking, in my opinion. Sure, journalists are all over Twitter posting links to stories that originated elsewhere. But the best part about Twitter, again in my opinion, is the hilarity and clarity that can come from just 140 characters.

For example: Ashton (he’s real and Tweets so much i’m SURE he has an assistant who does it for him) on Tom Selleck:

Goodmorning to the homeland! I met the great tom selleck today. So jealous of the stache. It’s glorious and full. He really cool too.

But back to fake v. real. I like that Ashton is real and I can feel like I know him (haha). And I was a little crushed to discover Buscemi wasn’t real, especially after I received a direct reply from him! But Tweets are entertaining, real or fake.